Facebook 2012-2013

Sponsor: Facebook

Jumpstart the Industry of Physical Devices Connected to Facebook Timeline

The Facebook-Olin SCOPE team built a platform that catalyzes the growth of an ecosystem around devices that document and share everyday interactions in the physical world. Facebook’s Open Graph allows people to record and share their online activities and interactions to their timeline through third-party apps such as Spotify and social newsreaders like the HuffPost Social Reader. However, the majority of a person’s interactions occur in the physical world, a domain that currently lacks a comprehensive means of seamless social-sharing. The Facebook-Olin SCOPE team imagined, prototyped, and fostered excitement around a compelling hardware device that integrates with Facebook’s Open Graph API (Application Programming Interface). The team then designed a hardware platform that developers and other third-parties were excited to build upon. The final stage of the process involved the release and marketing of this platform in order to inspire and spur interest of hardware applications connected to the Open Graph.

Facebook poster

Faculty Advisor 
Amon Milner

Team Members
Paul Booth 
Jialiya Huang 
Jon McKay 
Seungwhan Moon 
Tim Ryan 
Margaret-Ann Seger

team picture