Analogic 2013-2014

Sponsor: Analogic

Spectral Imaging Technology

Analogic produces custom medical imaging systems for original equipment manufacturers to incorporate into their most advanced medical imaging scanners such as Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems. The Analogic-Olin SCOPE team is working on a new imaging technology involving spectral imaging to enhance image quality.
In the medical imaging field, the more detailed information captured, the better the final image and the better doctors can see and diagnose medical conditions. Spectral Imaging may improve image quality by reducing sources of noise during the imaging process. Additionally, doctors try to minimize the radiation dose to which patients are exposed to, as it has been suggested to be linked to complications such as cancer. With spectral imaging, it may be possible to provide the same image quality at a lower radiation dose as another option for clinicians. The team’s goal is to develop signal processing algorithms which will optimize the quality of the image output by a spectral imaging system.

Analogic poster

Faculty Advisor
Brad Minch

Team Members
Aliesha Garrett
Janice Guan
George Herring
Patrick Varin
Jason Zhu

Analogic team members