Army Research Laboratory 2013-2014

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Advanced Sensing for Small Autonomous Ground Vehicles

The Army Research Lab-Olin SCOPE team is developing a sensor suite for improved navigation in small autonomous ground vehicles. When navigating an unknown or challenging environment, a robot must be able to accurately sense the traversability of its surroundings. Many current state-of-the-art sensors struggle to do this when faced with extreme environments such as dense fog or dust, vegetation with hidden obstacles, or bright glare from the sun. The team will investigate these edge-case environments and develop a new sensor suite that complements the currently used Lidar and camera sensors in order to enable more effective sensing. The final sensor suite will be integrated with the Olin-designed SPEAR robot to be used by ARL for the development of advanced navigation algorithms.

ARL poster

Faculty Advisor
David Barrett

Team Members
Juliette Chevallier, Wellesley
Kimly Do
Murphy Kitchell
Nicholas Ostrom
Sarah Seko