What Matters Most 2013-2014

Catalyzing a Movement to Reinvent Modern Education

Social change on a national scale comes from a dedicated group of passionate individuals who are able to spread their message. This SCOPE team worked with Ted Dintersmith (Charles River Ventures) and Tony Wagner (Harvard University Innovation Lab) regarding their documentary, “What Matters Most” - in broad strokes, about the failure of our current system to prepare students for the modern era of information abundance and ever-growing demand for innovation. The team designed and specified a massive, interactive, online-streaming of the film, and created a website (www.thank-a-teacher.org) that allows users to write and send a thank you note to a teacher or mentor who had an impact on their lives. In this way, we contributed to bringing the conversation around rethinking education in America into the spotlight.

What Matters Most poster

Faculty Advisor
Mark Somerville

Team Members
Julien Ceipek
Sebastian Dziallas
Graham Hooton
Chase Kernan
Juliana Nazare
Chelsea Nayback