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Improving Multi-Point Direct Chemical Injection for Boom Sprayers

This year’s AGCO SCOPE team developed a method for quick chemical changeover on boom sprayers to improve pesticide targeting in fields. Most current boom sprayers restrict farmers to spraying a single pesticide cocktail over a large area. This method wastes water, chemicals and time while potentially exposing the operator to dangerous active ingredients during refilling. Furthermore, due to increased pesticide resistances, a single pesticide cocktail is no longer effective against all pests and may in fact be detrimental to crops. Existing direct injection systems have serious latency issues that have prevented widespread adoption. The 2014-2015 AGCO SCOPE team addressed this by designing, building and analyzing a proof-of-concept for a multi-point direct chemical injection system.

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Faculty Advisor

Brian Storey

Team Members

Morgan Bassford

Christopher Joyce

Nick Eyre

Ingrid Hagen-Keith

AGCO Members smiling for team picture