Improving the SoundTouch Music Experience: A Data-Driven Approach

Bose’s SoundTouch music systems connect to the user’s home WiFi network and allow users to listen to internet radio stations, streaming services, or stored music. If a user has multiple SoundTouch units in different rooms, they can play the same music on each unit, or control them separately. Bose has been collecting information about how users from around the world interact with the SoundTouch system, including data such as title and artist of the songs being played, and any actions, such as skipped songs or changed volume, that a user takes. The goal of the 2015-2016 SCOPE project was to leverage this data, utilizing data mining and design techniques to improve the user experience for SoundTouch users.

Bose Poster

Faculty Advisor
Paul Ruvolo

Team Members
Jasper Chen
Claire Keum
Julian Morris
Sophia Seitz
Elena Shaw