Creating a Novel Biopsy Device

The Auris SCOPE team developed a novel endoscopic lateral biopsy instrument to acquire potentially malignant tissue. The goal of this instrument is to increase the success rate of biopsies--which are used to diagnose cancer--and therefore to improve patient outcomes. Many lesions occur in locations that are difficult, or even impossible, to reach with conventional biopsy tools, which often leads to use of other methods that pose a greater risk to the patient. The instrument developed by the Auris SCOPE team is a small endoluminal side-firing device. The instrument should increase the yield rate of biopsies, which will allow for safer and more reliable cancer detection. The team developed an instrument that is compatible with the Auris robotic system--used to conduct safe and accurate procedures--and has shown preliminary success in rigorous on-site testing at Auris.

Auris Poster


Faculty Advisor

Alisha Sarang-Sieminski


Team Members

Devynn Diggins

Margaret Lidrbauch

Duncan Michael

Joshua Sapers

Kevin Suzuki