Blue Origin 2016-2017

Faculty Advisor: Bradley A. Minch

Sponsor: Blue Origin

Robust Distributed Wireless Data Network for Blue Origin

Blue Origin LLC is developing technologies to enable human access to space at dramatically lower cost and increased reliability. The present focus is on reusable launch vehicles that utilize rocket-powered Vertical Take-off and Vertical Landing technology. Blue Origin collects data during flight using a Data Acquisition System (DAS) to guide the development of reusable systems. Like most avionics components, it is critical to minimize the size, weight and power of the DAS. However, it is also paramount that sensors can easily be removed, changed or added as necessary. In order to minimize size and weight while improving reconfigurability, the Blue Origin Avionics team wanted the SCOPE team to investigate the feasibility of developing wireless sensor nodes for use in the DAS. This year, the SCOPE team researched wireless protocols, made recommendations to Blue Origin, and physically implemented and tested the most promising system.

 Blue Origin Poster

Faculty Advisor

Brad Minch


Team Members

Dimitar Dimitrov

Zoher Ghadyali

Lindsey Vanderlyn

Christopher Wallace

Radmer van der Heyde