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SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids: Slice It!

The Slice It app is part of the SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids suite. It will allow users to explore the geometrical potential of planar forms coming together to form a shape. Using Shape It, users should be able to virtually create their model before Slice It takes the model and "slices" it into planar pieces that fit together. Drawing from topics familiar to children such as origami, model making, and sewing patterns, the language and examples should be accessible to young minds and hands. Like the other Apps for Kids apps, the goal is to engage young minds in the field of engineering and design and to physically create a 3D object using 2D materials without expensive or unattainable equipment.


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Faculty Advisor

Jason Woodard


Team Members

Zarin Bhuiyan

Scott Mackinlay

Hieu Nguyen

Hannah Twigg-Smith

William Wong