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Guiding Principles for Customer Profiles

The automobile has defined mobility and the freedom to travel great distances to new places for the past century. While this has led to unprecedented ease of movement, the infrastructure to support automobiles is rapidly deteriorating and many major urban areas are facing overwhelming congestion. Cars can still play a role in the transportation of the next century, but they will need to become a spoke in the wheel of mobility technologies and connected ecosystems. Ford is preparing for this future by re-imagining itself as a mobility company, capable of tailoring to the needs of every customer in the moment across hardware, software and services.


The Olin SCOPE team worked with Ford to develop a better understanding of the customer profile ecosystem to enable them to provide the user-centered, systems-level design approach to mobility needed to be successful in the next century. To do this, our team reviewed literature, conducted research into other customer experience ecosystems, and collaborated with users to understand principles of trust in the context of mobility that are most important to them.


Faculty Advisor

Lynn Andrea Stein


Team Members

Max Dietrich

Chloe Grubb

Sungwu Park

Isaac Vandor




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