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Pfizer's patient-first culture drives their mission of delivering reliable, life-changing medicines to patients and their families all over the world.  In many cases they manufacture and store the world’s supply of innovative life changing research medications.  Product losses stemming from adverse environmental exposure, or any other disruption, can impair Pfizer’s ability to extend clinical trials to those patients where no other treatment options may exist.


An interdisciplinary Olin SCOPE team worked to support the quality of Pfizer's drugs by developing a wireless system of devices and interfaces to monitor environmental conditions in the supply chain.  Their work involved making a benchtop analog of Pfizer storage sites to test and calibrate sensors; design custom hardware, firmware, software, and mechanical infrastructure to wirelessly network environmental sensors; and design of a data path and user interface for Pfizer to be able to manage and take action based on information coming from the sensors.  Their work has resulted in a proof-of-concept package that proves a pathway for improving the reliability of Pfizer’s supply chain.


Faculty Advisor

Alessandra Ferzoco


Team Members

Nathaniel Tan

Missoury Lytle

Gracey Wilson

Samantha Young


Project Poster

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