Amazon Object Manipulation Taxonomy

Faculty Advisor: Lawrence Neeley

Sponsor: Amazon Robotics

Autonomous robotics is revolutionizing the current commercial landscape across many different fields to create more efficient and safe solutions for repetitive tasks. Amazon Robotics is a leader in the use of robotics in object manipulation and remains committed to pushing innovation and exploration in the field to deliver a broad range of products to consumers at a low cost. This year’s SCOPE team is creating a comprehensive object taxonomy for Amazon’s diverse product catalog, which in conjunction with advanced perception systems, is the beginning of revolutionizing the way autonomous robots are used for object manipulation. This system can be used to increase accuracy in warehouse operations. 

Faculty Advisor:

  • Lawrence Neeley

Team Members:

  • Abitamim Bharmal
  • Allison Li
  • Anusha Karandikar
  • Krishna Suresh
  • Shree Madan