Blue Origin Safe Avionics-Lifting Lab Equipment

Faculty Advisor: Lawrence Neeley

Sponsor: Blue Origin


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Blue Origin Safe Avionics-Lifting Lab Equipment

In Blue Origin’s quest to improve human access to the resources of space, its highest priority is safety. This commitment is evident at every level of Blue Origin’s process, from the first package that arrives at the warehouse to the recovery of materials post-launch. Our SCOPE team’s project was to design equipment for safely transporting small boxes of delicate avionics. These materials need to be rotated between testing, maintenance, and storage locations frequently, but are too hazardous to lift by hand as they weigh up to 100lbs. In order to ensure the safety of the technicians working with the avionics, our equipment must be both robust and easy to use, as it can’t prevent injuries if it is not utilized. Our solution was to create an elevator cart that can lift and transport up to two boxes at a time and can also be used as a testing station. This design streamlines the workflow and prevents injuries.

Faculty Advisor:

  • Lawrence Neeley

Team Members:

  • Jay Chomowicz
  • Kei Chua
  • Tigey Jewell-Alibhai
  • Simon Kemp
  • Braden Oh
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Blue Origin SCOPE Team at Summit