Blue Origin: PCB Rework Station

Faculty Advisor: Lawrence Neeley

Sponsor: Blue Origin

Rocket systems have incredibly complex networks of computers and integrated circuits. During development, it is common to modify certain aspects of printed circuit boards (PCBs) to meet ever-changing design requirements. To reduce cost and lead times, PCBs that have already been manufactured will be modified in house rather than new boards being built. In this project, our team will be working closely with Blue Origin to understand the standards and difficulties of PCB rework and designing a workstation to aid in this process. This station will be self-contained and easily accessible by the avionics team, reducing lead times wherever possible. Major challenges include understanding and designing around worker ergonomics and mitigating environmental hazards.  

Faculty Advisor:

  • Lawrence Neeley

Team Members:

  • Aaron Huang
  • Rohith Tatineni
  • Jeremy Wenger
  • Elias Wheatfall