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Originally developed by the Rosbash Lab at Brandeis University, the FlyBox was designed to track the behavior of genetically modified fruit flies over multiday periods. The device supersedes existing methods of fruit fly behavior observation, offering more detailed and accurate data at a lower cost. The FlyBox was created to continue Nobel Prize-winning research on the circadian rhythm, but it lacked the durability needed for repeated use. 

This year, we overhauled the FlyBox's hardware, assembly, and software, creating a robust and polished tool. The redesigned box structure delivers reliable experiment conditions, and custom printed circuit boards streamline wiring and simplify troubleshooting. Detailed instructions, including photos of each assembly step and engraving on frame parts, make it easy for a scientist to assemble their own FlyBox. Lastly, the brand-new software workflow for creating FlyBox tests is intuitive yet feature-rich. With the improved FlyBox, researchers from the Rosbash Lab and beyond can conduct optogenetics research with ease and consistency. 

Faculty Advisor:

  • Lawrence Neeley

Team Members:

  • Christopher Allum
  • Olivia Jo Bradley
  • Mack McAneney
  • Florian Schwarzinger
  • Zachary Sherman
BrandeisRosbashArchival2023.pdf (17 MB) Five Students with a box