Inclined Impact Tester for Medical Equipment Packaging


Supply chain challenges have driven GE Healthcare (GEHC) to qualify products using industry standards and additional modes of transportation, such as rail. To support this effort, our team built an inclined impact tester for medical equipment packaging. The tester is designed to increase confidence that GEHC’s packaging will hold up to the forces encountered during transportation, and to ensure compliance with a wide array of testing standards. Safely handling loads up to a ton, our tester integrates sensors that measure environmental conditions, test parameters, and results. It features a more streamlined user experience and produces more customized reports than commercially available testers and can be modified by GEHC to provide additional functionality. 


Team Members

Annie Chu

Emma Mack

Colin Takeda

Alex Wenstrup

Justin Yuan

Riley Zito




AY22Archival Poster - GEHC SCOPE.pdf (293.66 KB)