Utilizing Blockchain For Clinical Supply Chains

The Pfizer SCOPE team developed a proof of concept for using blockchain technology to simulate rare disease clinical supply chains and evaluate the technology for feasibility at scale. This scale consideration is essential to Pfizer because previous investigations into the scalability of this technology have produced varying results, leading to questions about the success of an enterprise-scale deployment. Over the course of the year, we conducted research to understand Pfizer’s global clinical supply chain, identified the correct permission structures for an accurate blockchain model, used Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) to implement the model in a flexible way, and obtained simulation results to evaluate the scalability of that model. 

Faculty Advisor

  • Jason Woodard


Team Members

  • Maalvika Bhat
  • Elias Gabriel
  • Maia Materman
  • Manu Patil


AY22pfizer_final_poster.pdf (1.64 MB)