Student Rights & Responsibilities

The Honor Code

A fundamental element of Olin's culture is trust. As such, our Honor Code requires all members of the Olin community to conduct themselves with honor and integrity. Our code, drawn from a few core values, consists of a small set of intentionally broad standards by which every action must be measured. While a small number of policies illuminate Olin's principles, students live by the core values embedded in the code. It’s a fundamental aspect to life at Olin, both inside and outside the classroom, in our interactions with our professors or roommates, on campus and out in Boston.



I will represent myself accurately and completely in my work, my words, and my actions in academic and in non-academic affairs.

Respect for Others

I will be patient with and understanding of fellow community members, and considerate of their inherent dignity and personal property. I will care for community resources and facilities so others may effectively use them.

Passion for the Welfare of Olin College

I will be a steward for the welfare of Olin College through a spirit of cooperation, concern for others, and responsibility for the reputation of Olin College.

Openness to Change

I will be receptive to change, supportive of innovation, and willing to take risks for the benefit of the community.

Do Something

I will strive to be an active advocate for the well-being of my community. I will seek to understand, and then act on, issues I perceive around me that are specific to both Olin and beyond. I will engage in open, self-reflective discussion with my peers and support them in their efforts to do the same.