NEWS: Olin Named #2 for Internships and a 2023 Best Value College by Princeton Review

April 28, 2023

Olin College has been named a Princeton Review Best Value College for 2023.

According to the review, the 2023 Best Value Colleges all share three exceptional features: stellar academics, affordable cost (either via a comparatively low sticker price or generous financial aid, or both) and strong career prospects for graduates.

Out of more than 650 colleges and universities surveyed for the 2023 list, Olin is one of 209 institutions that earned the highest ROI (Return on Investment) rating in the Princeton Review’s analysis. The ROI ratings are based on more than 40 data points covering academics, affordability and career preparation.

Olin consistently receives strong affordability rankings from both the Fiske’s Guide and the Princeton Review.

In addition to being ranked No. 2 in “Top 20 Schools for Best Internships,” Olin also is recognized and ranked on the following Princeton Review lists:

  • #1 – Students Study the Most
  • #2 – Top 20 Best Schools for Internships (Private Schools)
  • #3 – Professors Get High Marks
  • #5 – Best Classroom Experience
  • #6 – Least Religious Students
  • #6 – LGBTQ-Friendly
  • #11 – Best College Dorms
  • #13 – Their Students Love These Colleges
  • #15 – Best College Library
  • #16 – Best Career Services
  • #19 – Great Financial Aid
  • #21 – Most Accessible Professors
  • #22 – Best Student Support and Counseling Services
  • #23 – Happiest Students

The Princeton Review chose the 209 schools—135 of which are private and 74 of which are public— based on data from its surveys of administrators at more than 650 colleges in 2022–23. Survey topics covered academics, cost, financial aid, career services, graduation rates, student debt and alumni support. Also factored in was data from its surveys of current students and’s surveys of alumni about their starting and mid-career salaries and job satisfaction.

Key factors in The Princeton Review’s decision to compile its annual Best Value College list are college applicants’ and parents’ regard for the earnings and employment potential of a college degree in light of their concerns about college costs and their ability to fund the degree.

Founded in 1997, Olin instills passion and ignites innovation in its students and prepares them to envision, create and deliver products, services, and systems that transform and improve people’s lives around the world. Olin teaches students to be explorers and creators who design their own path forward. By challenging norms and sharing its unique approach to education, Olin is revolutionizing the way engineers, and all undergraduates, learn and create knowledge. Located in Needham Massachusetts, Olin is ranked among the top-three undergraduate engineering programs in the country by U.S. News & World Report. Learn more at