On the crisis in Ukraine

February 27, 2022

For the past five days, the world has been watching with shock and disbelief the unprovoked invasion by Russia on the democratic nation of Ukraine. 

For members of the Olin community, who have close ties to the region, Ukraine is not an abstract country. Instead, it is a place close to their hearts, and they have concerns and fears for loved ones directly impacted by these events. 

I ask, during this time of increased world tension, that we offer comfort and support to anyone who needs it, particularly those who are directly affected by this act of aggression. Respect for others is among Olin’s foundational values, and it is sorely needed at this time, here at home, and around the world.

At this difficult time, when the values of freedom and democracy that all of us treasure are under attack, we stand with the people of Ukraine. 

I urge anyone in the Olin community experiencing stress or who feels a need to talk, to please reach out for mental health support in any way that feels appropriate. Olin students may contact one of the Olin mental health providers or reach out for after-hours care to any of the  hotlines suggested here.

Plans for a vigil and a discussion are currently underway, further details will be forthcoming very soon.

We are a caring community, and we take seriously the value and wellbeing of everyone. Please do what you can to clearly demonstrate this care in the coming days.



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February 27, 2022