MIT Lincoln Lab 2010-2011

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Affordable, High Accuracy Relative Position Sensor

The purpose of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2010-2011 SCOPE project was to build upon last year’s development of an affordable, high accuracy relative position sensor. In certain situations, it is desirable to have a potentially expendable unmanned system that will serve to prevent damage to a more valuable, manned system. Expendability necessitates low-cost; therefore, it is important that the unmanned vehicle not contain expensive technology. Last semester, the Lincoln Laboratory SCOPE team researched a few different approaches to tracking the relative location of the unmanned vehicle and used this research to redesign the system architecture. This semester, the team focused on implementation and system integration.

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Faculty Advisor
David Barrett

Team Members
Philip Chung
John Harley
Lindsay Kaye
Rachel Nancollas
Nicholas Payton

Team picture