Parietal Systems 2010-2011

Sponsor: Parietal Systems

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Rough-Terrain Robot for Wireless Data Transfer

The Parietal Systems, Inc. (PSI) SCOPE Team developed a robotic platform for PSI to demonstrate their advanced sensor processing algorithms.  The team built an autonomous walking robot that mimics the motion of a scorpion.  This eight-legged robot has three walking gaits: one to move forward and backwards, one to sidestep, and one to rotate. The robot contains a variety of sensors to avoid objects and autonomously navigate toward a target.  The sensor data, including a video feed, can also be transmitted wirelessly to a workstation for further processing and control.

PSI poster

Faculty Advisor
Siddhartan Govindasamy

Team Members
Stan Antol
Anne Bowlby
James Bauer
Yiyang Li
Katherine Terracciano
Sarah Zimmerman


Team picture