athenahealth 2011-2012

Sponsor: athenahealth

Mobile Applications for Healthcare Providers and Patients

In the fall semester, the athenahealth SCOPE team delivered roadmaps and prototypes of applications designed to guide the evolution of athenahealth's Application Programming Interface (API). An API is a set of defined methods for software developers to communicate with athenahealth's electronic health record databases. The team generated their recommendations after creating several mobile and web applications for healthcare providers and/or patients based on information collected about potential users.

In the spring semester, the team worked to create a chat client designed for integration into athenahealth's  web-based software products for health care providers. The project involved gaining understandings of the communication needs of doctors, nurses, and/or receptionists. The team designed and implemented a chat client to offer athenahealth users an additional, asynchronous mode of discrete communication in the office when talking in person or emailing is less appropriate to the situation. The team delivered technical recommendations on how to integrate the solutions with athenahealth’s current software packages and complementary platforms.

athenahealth poster

Faculty Advisor
Amon Millner

Team Members
Jason Aurori, Babson MBA
Miguel Bejar
Gwynneth Davidoff
Noura Howell
Rhan Kim
Natalie Mattison
Poorva Singal

Team members standing and sitting