Boeing 2013-2014

Sponsor: Boeing

New Concepts for Engine Mounting

This project focuses on the strut that attaches the engine to the wing of an aircraft. Boeing is focused on staying innovative and working toward the best airplane possible. As part of this effort, they have found an area of opportunity involved with redesigning the strut. The Olin Boeing SCOPE team will work on developing improved, novel design concepts for the strut. They will then analyze these designs and compare them to several relevant metrics to determine the advantages and disadvantages of each one. This project will involve creating CAD models of the designs and testing them with various finite element analysis software packages, as well as potentially creating physical prototypes of the final design(s).

Boeing poster

Faculty Advisor
Erin Byrne

Team Members
Zachary del Rosario
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Jefferson Lee
Mark Muraoka
Gracie Sanford

Team members of the group