Robotic Pick and Place

Amazon Robotics is a subsidiary company of Amazon that specializes in manufacturing lead technology for future fulfillment centers. Currently, when Amazon orders are placed, minimizing delivery time to customers is critical. Due to rapid growth, Amazon is planning to expand by creating new fulfillment centers all across the US. To support an exponential expansion rate, Amazon seeks to find more efficient ways to deliver products to customers. Amazon Robotics is looking to increase the throughput of fulfillment centers by augmenting their existing capabilities with robotic assistive systems. To help perform the “pick and place” of ordered items into shippable containers, our SCOPE team has designed, built, and demonstrated an advanced pick and place robotic system that can move objects from storage to shipment to end-customer more efficiently.

Amazon Robotics Poster


Faculty Advisor

Dave Barrett

Team Members

Michael Bocamazo

Mafalda Borges

Harris Davidson

Anders Johnson

Abigail Rodrigues

Mindy Tieu