The Joy of Food in the Golden Years

The Center for Future Innovation of Mitsubishi Electric is responsible for envisioning the technology of the future to drive its development. This group uses a human-centered design process, similar to the approach widely used at Olin. Mitsubishi Electric asked their SCOPE team to participate in designing the future by exploring the intersections of older adults, the joy of food, and technology, from a human-centered design perspective in an American context. Through extensive user interviews the team developed a deep understanding of the relationship between older adults and the joy of food. Relying heavily on the analysis of these findings, the team explored several concepts, and ultimately developed a concept prototype that Mitsubishi Electric will move forward with.

 Mitsubishi Electric Poster

Faculty Advisor

Lynn Andrea Stein

Team Members

John Greene

Susan Grimshaw

Jennifer Wei

Jiaying Wei

Hannah Wilk