Sonos 2017-2018

Faculty Advisor: Sam Michalka

Sponsor: Sonos

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PLAYTEST: Characterizing Speaker Walking

The Sonos vision is to fill every home with music and make listening a valued experience again. To achieve this, they created a family of high quality, multi-room WiFi speakers. With any powerful speaker, ‘walking’ can occur when the vibrations from the transducers align closely with the speaker’s natural frequency, causing it to move from its original position. Rigorous testing is part of the design process to ensure that no speaker is released with this problem. The SCOPE team created a test rig to characterize speaker ‘walking’ with direct sensor measurement and provided processed data to aid with the company’s design process.

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Faculty Advisor

Samantha Michalka


Team Members

 John Bozzella

Lilia Chan

Kai Levy

Franton Lin

Kelli Shimazu

Robert Siegel