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Designing and Building an Accessible Cloud-Based Compute Platform for Hydrologic Data Analysis & Sharing

The Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI) develops and maintains an assortment of cloud-based tools for the hydrologic science community. CUAHSI is looking to further empower their users by improving the user experience for CUAHSI Compute, a cloud-based platform for analyzing water data. CUAHSI Compute, a  JupyterHub platform, is a web-based environment for executing Python and R code. The team worked to improve CUAHSI Compute’s usability, make the platform more accessible, and streamline its integration with HydroShare, which is CUAHSI’s online repository for sharing hydrologic data and models. They did this by building a React web app that allowed for integration and syncing between files that a user is editing in JupyterHub and files that are saved to their HydroShare account.


Faculty Advisor

Lynn Andrea Stein


Team Members

Victoria McDermott

Charlotte Weiss

Kyle Combes

Emily Lepert


Project Poster

Summit Breakout Session