AEERIAL (Accessible Environmental Epidemiology Research Instrumentation for Analysis and Logging)

As a part of the NIH-funded HAFTRAP project, the AirPartners/Aerodyne SCOPE team created an integrated air quality measurement system that included both low and high-cost atmospheric chemistry instruments. The AirPartners/Aerodyne SCOPE team then collected and analyzed indoor and outdoor data to determine the effectiveness of HEPA filter usage in reducing inside air pollution in 4 homes along the I-93 corridor. The collected data and derived insights will be linked with human health measurements to advance the field of environmental epidemiology and inform instrument use cases in further studies.   

Faculty Advisor:

  • Alessandra Ferzoco

Team Members

  • Thomas Jagielski
  • Bryce Mann
  • Duncan Mazza
  • Flynn Michael-Legg
  • Skye Ozga
  • Michael Remley


AerodyneSumitPoster.pdf (49.53 MB)