Circularity and Repairability of Bose Products

Faculty Advisor: Sarah Bloomer

Sponsor: Bose

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Circularity and Repairability of Bose Products

For nearly 60 years, the Bose brand has been synonymous with great sound. As the world moves farther and faster toward embracing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), Bose is committed to supporting that shift through advances in efficiency and repairability. The 2022-23 Bose SCOPE team worked with Bose to infuse sustainability and product circularity across its global business operations. 

Faculty Advisor:

  • Sarah Bloomer

Team Members:

  • Izzie Abilheira
  • Caitlin Kantor
  • Celvi Lisy
  • Bahar Maghbouleh
  • Dianna Sims

Bose 2022-23 SCOPE Team