EnginArt: the CantoVario projects

Faculty Lead: Diana Dabby

Student Researchers:

  • Luis Zuniga ’21
  • Junwon Lee ’21
  • Michael Remley ’22
  • Aydin O’Leary ’23
  • Jaspar Katzban ’23
  • Andrew Chang ’24
  • Anthony Costarelli ’25

External collaborators: 

  • MIT Venture Mentoring Service

Research Objectives

The CantoVario projects involve research at the interface of musical variation, chaos science, signal processing, and acoustics.

R&D focuses on three active projects:

  1. an Audio Variation Engine
  2. MIDI Variation Engine
  3. Chaos+Music Science Museum Exhibit Prototype.


  1. The CantoVario projects can change the way musicians and non-musicians listen to, interact with, and create music.

This research is made possible by two grants from the National Science Foundation.

Everything is Energy by Darius Bashar
"Everything is Energy" by Darius Bashar