Coin-Test: Open-Source Risk Evaluation for Cryptocurrency Investments


Coin-Test: Open-Source Risk Evaluation for Cryptocurrency Investments 

With the proliferation of algorithmic trading strategies, there is a pressing need for reliable and robust tools to test and validate strategy performance. Unfortunately, many existing tools fall short in accurately assessing the risk involved in executing these strategies. To address this issue, our team developed Coin-Test, a publicly available, open-source Python library that provides a novel approach to evaluating cryptocurrency trading strategies. By using simulated data and statistical analysis, Coin-Test offers a more comprehensive perspective on the performance of these strategies. This approach enables investors, including those who may not have a background in finance or data analysis, to better understand the risks and potential rewards of their trading decisions.  

Faculty Advisor:

  • Lynn Andrea Stein

Team Members:

  •  Gati Aher

  • Nathan Faber

  • Eamon Ito-Fisher

  • Andrew Mascillaro

FCATArchival2023.pdf (2.75 MB)



4 person student team seated on couch