LineVision Satellite Communications Development Team

Faculty Advisor: Lynn Andrea Stein

Sponsor: LineVision

This SCOPE Team is working with LineVision to accelerate the net zero grid. LineVision’s patented contactless LiDAR scanning procedure equips transmission providers with the analytics to optimize their power transmission efficiency. Together, LineVision and their partners, are working to make the future of the power grid clean, renewable, and resilient. 

Currently, 99.9% of all powerlines are unmonitored beyond their substation. Existing LineVision technology uses cellular services to transmit powerline data and mitigate this risk. Olin’s SCOPE team is exploring alternative communication methods for remote areas with insufficient cellular coverage. The team will develop a bespoke compression algorithm, design required hardware, and implement supporting firmware that meets low power and low bandwidth constraints. This new system will ultimately improve the capacity, resiliency, and safety of the grid.

Faculty Advisor:

  • Lynn Andrea Stein

Team Members:

  • Charlie Babe
  • Dasha Chadiuk
  • Katie Fleming
  • Grant Miner
  • Abby Omer