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National High-Injury Network Analysis Tool (NHAT)

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death in the U.S. for people of ages 1-54. A High Injury Network (HIN) is a map that highlights streets which account for a disproportionately high rate of fatalities and serious injuries. Communities can use this information to prioritize streets with the highest need for infrastructure improvement funding. 

Partnering with the Santos Family Foundation and the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, we created a free national tool that allows communities to generate interactive HIN maps and understand the relationship between safety, equity, and other contextual factors.  

Our tool uses national and state crash datasets to generate the HIN map with weights for attributes such as crash severity, lighting, and pedestrian involvement. Communities have the option to either accept the default weights or customize the weights. Additionally, using Justice 40 data, we highlight areas that are historically disadvantaged with an equity overlay on the map and equity weighting to the HIN.  

The output is a HIN map that highlights the street networks that need proactive, systemic safety interventions. 


Faculty Advisor:

  • Lynn Andrea Stein

Team Members

  • Samuel Cabrera Valencia
  • Mira Flynn
  • Lilo Heinrich
  • Mari Kang
  • Jackie Zeng
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