Candidates’ Weekend

Each year, we invite about 225-250 applicants from our amazingly talented pool to participate in Candidates' Weekends. Due to continuing concerns for the safety of the Olin community as well as the Candidates and their families surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we will once again offer a virtual "Candidates' Week" in 2022, taking place February 25, 2022 through March 6, 2022. Applicants who wish to remain in consideration for admission must participate in this second phase of the application process. The experiences are designed to be fun, informal, and informational experiences. They are an opportunity for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you. If you are invited to participate in Candidates' Weekend, you will be notified by mid-February.

Admitted students may participate in our on-campus April 2022 Visit Program which will include class visits and social programming.  Information about planning an April visit, including registration links for overnight accommodations at the Babson Executive Conference Center, conveniently located within walking distance of the Olin campus, will be available on the admitted student portal.  

What happens at Candidates’ Weekend?

The 2022 Candidates’ Week experience will be held in a virtual space. You’ll meet and hear from faculty, interact with current studentsexperience aspects of student life, and celebrate with the community as Olin comes together for these special events. There will be both evaluative components of the program, such as an interview, as well as plenty of opportunities for Candidates to engage with our community and learn more about Olin. While the format of CW 2022 will be different than previous years, the purpose and vibe of the programs will remain true to the Olin spirit of creativity and collaboration. After the program, the Admission Committee meets again and makes the final admission decisions. Candidates are notified of their decision by late March. 

How is Candidates’ Weekend used by Admission?

Candidates’ Weekends are about learning more about the Candidates in the context of Olin’s unique, highly collaborative setting so that we can craft an intentional cohort of incoming students that will be cohesive but diverse. Candidates will be evaluated by members of the Olin community, and that information will be used by the Admission Committee to make final admission decisions.

If you have any questions about Candidates' Weekend and how it is used in our admission process, please contact us.