Frank Talks: Finding Fulfilling Work – One Adventure at a Time

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022 - 5:30PM EST


Culture House, 16 Union Square, Somerville, MA

Finding Fulfilling Work – One Adventure at a Time

Engineer | PM | Founder | VC

Ideally we'd have it all: careers that align to our personal mission, are technically challenging, let us learn new things and grow, work with the best coworkers we could have, and pay us enough (and leave us with enough free time) to do everything else we want to do! In reality? We're making tradeoffs every time we think about going back to school or taking a job. In this talk I'll give examples of different career decision moments and how we can do fulfilling work and have long term impact.

About Ellen

Ellen Chisa is a Partner at Boldstart Ventures, angel investor, and engineer. She co-founded Dark, a programming language coupled to its editor and infra. Previously, she was first employee at Lola, combining the best of technology and people for travel planning. She also worked on Kickstarter, and on early versions of cross-platform Office Mobile.