Iron Mountain Information Management, LLC 2018-2019

Faculty Advisor: Scott Hersey

Sponsor: Iron Mountain

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Automation of Document Preparation for High-speed Scanning


Iron Mountain provides secure document storage and enterprise records management services to many of the world’s largest companies. Iron Mountain Digital Solutions also provides large-scale scanning services, giving companies digital access to information that would otherwise be locked away in paper documents. Unfortunately, before high-speed scanning can take place, the documents need to be prepared by removing staples and fixing tears, a process that is currently slow, manual, and expensive. Our SCOPE team assessed the current document preparation process, proposed a targeted robotic automation to streamline the process, and developed a robotic prototype to demonstrate the viability of our solution.


Faculty Advisor

Scott Hersey


Team Members

Yoonyoung Cho

Jeremiah Garcia

Eric Miller

Willem Thorbecke

Lydia Zuehsow


 Team photo


 Iron Mountain Poster