Amazon Robotics 2019-2020

Faculty Advisor: Alessandra Ferzoco

Sponsor: Amazon Robotics

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Smart Sortation

Amazon Robotics is a subsidiary company of Amazon that specializes in manufacturing leading technology for future fulfillment centers.  When Amazon orders are placed a fast, smart, and consistent customer experience is critical.  Amazon Robotics is looking to increase the throughput of fulfillment centers by augmenting their existing capabilities with machine learning.  The Amazon Robotics SCOPE team researched and developed a software system that explores new possibilities in fulfillment centers.

The team started by creating a development platform that would allow them to efficiently work in parallel and integrate their work.  They researched existing machine learning algorithms and used proof-of-concept experiments to demonstrate the usefulness of selected algorithms.  Their work led to insights in how to improve the efficiency of a number of stages of a fulfillment center, including how movement through a fulfillment center is organized.

Faculty Advisor

Alessandra Ferzoco


Team Members

Noah Rivkin

Benjamin Ziemann

Yichen Jiang

Kawin Nikomborirak


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