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Advancing Micro-Fulfillment

Amazon Robotics has pioneered the use of robotic systems within fulfillment centers and continues to explore new ways to bring a wider variety of goods to the customer at a low cost.  The 2020-21 Amazon Robotic SCOPE team is experimenting with a revolutionary goods-to-person architecture. Fundamental to the vision are intelligent and adaptable algorithms that will instruct how goods can be moved and stored in a variety of configurations. The team researched and implemented a range of types of algorithms that address various aspects and approaches to the problem and built custom simulation tools to test their designs. The team also considered the role that human workers would play in the new architecture, and designed and prototyped physical spaces and workflows that consider throughput, efficiency, and the health and safety of the workers.


Faculty Advisor

Alessandra Ferzoco


Team Members

Allison Busa

Naomi Chiu

Nathan Estill

Eamon O'Brien

Sabrina Pereira

Sean Szymanski


AY21_AR SCOPE Poster (1).pdf (70.32 MB)