Failure Mode Analysis of NFC Near Plumbing Infrastructure

Temperature sensing boards that can be read through and powered via smartphone to easily measure valve temperatures are used in many applications, including troubleshooting plumbing issues. Our objective is to understand the limitations of Near Field Communication (NFC) in various environments and around different interferences. This technology can be used to determine temperatures within fluid valves to enable easier testing, calibration, and troubleshooting for water temperature issues. We will evaluate possible issues by designing a custom PCB that can interface with existing temperature sensors and NFC antennae as well as developing and implementing a robust testing plan to understand the limitations of NFC communication in differing environments. 

Faculty Advisor:

  • Alessandra Ferzoco

Team Members:

  • Ben Grant
  • Ishaan Oberoi
  • Shamama Sirroon
  • Jacob Smilg
  • Lauren Xiong