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Improving CT Scanner Alignment During Installation 


GE Healthcare (GEHC) is a global leader in the production of Computed Tomography (CT) machines. These machines provide high-quality images that doctors rely upon every day to diagnose patients. With many newer advances in CT scanner technology, the alignment of the table is becoming a more noticeable factor in good image quality. GE has a desire to meet even higher standards for the installation alignment of the CT scanner gantry and patient table because misalignment could cause artifacts in the image.  This year’s SCOPE project helped improve image quality by creating a tool or process that will allow CT scanner installation technicians to achieve increased alignment precision. 

Faculty Advisor:

  • Alessandra Ferzoco

Team Members:

  • Jules Brettle
  • Oscar De La Garza
  • Nabih Estefan Diaz
  • Alana Huitric
  • Patrick Ogunbufunmi


GEArchival Poster2023.pdf (5.09 MB)