Resources + On-Campus Supplies

Read on for wellness resources and on-campus supplies.

Additional Resources

The following sites offer information and resources. Obtaining health information online is a useful accompaniment to face-to-face consultations with professionals, but it should not be used to selfdiagnose or treat problems. If you are experiencing a problem, we encourage you to access Babson Health Services, Colony Care or another provider. Neither Olin College nor our affiliated providers endorses the following agencies/providers/organizations or the professionals who may be affiliated with them. 

General Health and Fitness

Mental Health and Emotional Wellness

Nutrition and Body Image

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Sexual Health

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence

LGBTQ Resources

Supplies on Campus

There are some health-related supplies provided for free on campus. These resources are not intended to provide each student with a full supply of these items, but if you have an occasional need, you can find the following items:

First Aid Kits: First aid kits are available in multiple locations across campus. 

Milas Hall 

  • Norden Auditorium LL 
  • 1st Floor Admissions Kitchen 
  • 2nd Floor Kitchen near 250 
  • 2nd Floor Kitchen near 212 
  • 2nd Floor Custodial 225 
  • 3rd floor Faculty Lounge 
  • 3rd floor kitchen near 302 
  • 3rd floor kitchen near 323

Academic Center

  • Rm 107 
  • Rm 117 
  • Rm 204/205 
  • Rm 207 
  • Rm 213 
  • Rm 218 
  • Rm 220 
  • Rm 226 
  • Rm 228 
  • Rm 314 
  • Rm 318/319

Campus Center

  • Rm 332 
  • Physical Plant

Automated External Defibrillators

Automated External Defibrillators can be used in the event of sudden cardiac arrest and are available in the following locations: 

  • East Hall: First floor main entrance lobby 
  • West Hall: First floor main entrance lobby 
  • Milas Hall: First floor lobby near elevators 
  • Academic Center: First floor near elevators, Third floor near elevators 
  • Campus Center: First floor near elevators 
  • Edison House: Main entrance 
  • Project Building: next to fire alarm panel

Safer Sex Supplies: External condoms are available free of charge in dispensers located in the laundry room in each residence hall. Latex and non-latex varieties are available. You can also obtain safer sex supplies from R2s and PAs.

Menstrual Supplies: Tampons and sanitary pads are available free of charge in Women’s and AllGender restrooms.