To start the new year, we're taking a look back at some of our favorite Olin stories from 2022!

Engineering for Everyone

Olin College Reveals its 2022-27 Strategic Plan

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Summer Research, five students looking at computer

Engineering for Everyone has two embedded meanings.

First, it means engineering education needs to be for everyone. Today the NSF calls for broadening participation because engineering education systematically excludes large groups of people, to the detriment of individuals, societies, and economies.

Engineering for Everyone also means that engineering as a profession must serve everyone. We need to go beyond a disciplinary perspective of engineering, and beyond the definition of engineering as “using science to solve technical problems.”

Gilda A. Barabino, PhD


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A photo of the Academic Center at Olin College

This is a plan that builds on Olin’s history and strengths: our emphasis on a human-centered approach to engineering; our early commitment to gender equity; our willingness to try something new, make mistakes, and learn from them; our position as a leading innovator in engineering education.

It also is a plan that will require Olin to grow and learn. Making progress will require humility, partnering with and learning from those who know more and have done more. And it will require activating and engaging all parts of the Olin community—from students to staff to faculty to friends to alumni.

Scenes from Campus

Two studios of PIE classes pose for a large group photo in 2022.

PIE studios gathering for big group photos.

Four students stand in a row with brightly-colored "claws" on their hands.

Creating and sharing amazing bio-inspired games.

Three students pose in front of a presentation screen with arms around each other.

Generating and solving mazes with algorithms (and friends).

Slip n slide on campus during Fall 2022.

Sliding into the fall semester with class bonding events.

A student crouches down behind a table with a hopper device on it.

Hopper Day fun and games.

A student holds his hand to his head while laughing during an Olin student ceremony.

Super Senior Graduations (laughs included).

A women wearing a face mask and orange sweater presents in front of a large screen.

Alumni returning to share expertise on cool topics!

A student in a black shirt and shorts serves a volley ball on campus.

Volleyball on the (super scenic) Great Lawn.

A black and white photo of students at Olin dancing with glow in the dark materials and clothes.

Glowing, dancing, joyful events on campus.

By the Numbers




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Humans of Olin - Meet our Faculty Edition

Debbie Chachra, Ph.D.  Professor of Engineering

Debbie Chachra, Ph.D. Professor of Engineering

David Shuman, Professor of Data Science and Applied Mathematics

David Shuman Professor of Data Science and Applied Mathematics

Headshot of Helen Donis Keller

Helen Donis-Keller Professor of Biology and Art and Michael E. Moody Professor

A photo of Chris Lee

Chris Lee Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Chhavi Goenka, Assistant Professor of Engineering.

Chhavi Goenka Visiting Assistant Professor of Engineering

Kenechukwu Mbanisi, Assistant Professor of Robotics Engineering

Kenechukwu Mbanisi Assistant Professor of Robotics Engineering

Advancing engineering as a bridge to equity, opportunity and progress for humanity on a global scale