2008-09 Program 2008-2009


Aurora Flight Sciences

UxV Multi-Vehicle Autonomous Control for Littoral Missions
The Aurora SCOPE project was a Phase II small business innovation research (SBIR) for the Office of Naval Research by Aurora Flight Sciences. The project focused on creating a physical demonstration of Aurora’s Onboard Planning Module (OPM).
Faculty Advisor: David Barrett
Team Members: Joseph Holler, Joseph Kendall, Tony Lopez (Babson MBA), John Morgan, Andrea Striz, Nikolaus Wittenstein
Aurora Flight Sciences poster

Boston Engineering

GhostSwimmer, A Biomimetic Robot Fish
The Boston Engineering SCOPE project was part of a Phase I Small Business Technology Transfer (SBTR) grant from the Office of Naval Research that was held jointly by Olin College and Boston Engineering.
Faculty Advisor: David Barrett
Team Members: Julia Buck, Guilherme Cavalcanti, Paul Mandel, Erin Schumacher, Sarah Beth Shiplett (Wellesley College)
Boston Engineering poster

Boston Scientific

Improving Access to the Biliary Duct in Physician-Controlled Endoscopic Procedures
The team focused on understanding the fundamental interactions between the physician and endoscopic instruments that result in successful surgeries. The primary objective was to make gaining and maintaining access to the biliary duct easier for the physician.
Faculty Advisor: Jessica Townsend
Team Members: Eamon Doyle, David Gebhart, Clark McPheeters, Yekaterina Miroshnikova, Lyndsay Stadtmueller
BoSci poster

Brandeis University / NSF

Imaging Platform for Microfluidic Applications
In this project, the Olin SCOPE team designed equipment for automated imaging of the microfludic chips.
Faculty Advisor: Brian Storey
Team Members: Sean Calvo, Caitlin Greeley, Stephani Gulbrandsen, Leif Jentof
Brandeis poster

CloudBlue Technologies

Product Innovation from Electronic Waste
The CloudBlue SCOPE team developed innovative uses for computer equipment at the end of its life cycle.
Faculty Advisor: Ben Linder
Team Members: Bennett Chabot, Pratik Gandhi (Babson College MBA), Lauren Glanville, Hector Lefbad, Vivian Lee , Anna von Reden
CloudBlue poster

DRS Technologies

Load Bank Recovery
The DRS Technologies SCOPE team worked with DRS's Fermont facility to capture the excess energy that results from the testing of the generators they manufacture.
Faculty Advisor: Mihir Ravel
Team Members: Carl Hermann, Jonathan Pechan, Matthew Roy , Andrew Tsang , Matthew Wootton
DRS poster

FloDesign Wind Turbine Corporation

Designing Drive Trains for the Next Generation of Wind Turbines
Olin College’s FloDesign SCOPE team was charged with an evaluation of potential drive train configurations for wind turbines.
Faculty Advisor: Brad Minch
Team Members: Mateen Abdul (Babson College MBA), Kelcy Adamec, Gavin Boggs, Matthew Crawford, Kevin Sihlanick, Russell Torres
FloDesign poster

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Accessible Interfaces for Multifunction Printers
Team Lexmark designed interfaces to enable users with disabilities or impairments to engage effectively with next-generation Lexmark workstations.
Faculty Advisor: Ozgur Eris
Team Members: Leslie Velez, Bryn Hollen, Thomas Michon, David Nelson, Aisaku Pradhan
Lexmark poster


Intelligent Physical Spaces
The MITRE SCOPE team designed and prototyped a vision for collaboration at The MITRE Corporation.
Faculty Advisor: Mark Chang
Team Members: Kelly Butcher, Daniel Cody, Jonathan Raphael, Angela Sharer
MITRE poster

Pearson Education

Exploring Opportunities in Learning
Pearson Education enlisted a SCOPE team to explore which mobile education services would be most useful to students and how these products fit into their mobile lifestyles.
Faculty Advisor: Mark Somerville
Team Members: Molly Crowther, Kent Munson, Katherine Murphy, Timothy Smith, Eric Shooman (Babson College MBA), Jessica Sullivan
Pearson poster

Premium Power Corporation

Energy-Based Proprietary Project
The Premium Power SCOPE team investigated the possibility of bringing solar energy to Olin’s campus.
Faculty Advisor: Jose Oscar Mur-Miranda
Team Members: Bonnie Charles, Jeffrey Gluckstein, Anahita Karimi. Jessie Lin. Sylvia Schwartz
Premium Power poster


Phased Array Radar
The Raytheon team worked on a proprietary project for the Raytheon Company related to the Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA).
Faculty Advisor: Siddhartan Govindasamy
Team Members: Herbert Chang, Boris Dieseldorff, Stephen Longfield, Andrew Price
Raytheon poster

Raytheon / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Buoy Power Usage Simulator
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) scientists are developing buoys for the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI), an NSF-funded program that will construct a network of buoys for monitoring physical, chemical, geological, and biological variables in the ocean and on the sea floor.
Faculty Advisor: Chris Lee
Team Members: Joan Liu, Christopher Nissman, Roberto Santana, Jose Santos
Raytheon / WHOI poster

Rockwell Automation

Quality Control and Safety Sensors for Factory Automation
The Rockwell Automation SCOPE team worked to provide an out-of-box quality control sensor for automation applications.
Faculty Advisor: Chris Lee
Team Members: Kevin Bretney, Michael Ducker, John Mathai (Babson College MBA), Kathleen Towers, Ashley Walker
Rockwell poster

Vision Robotics

Fruit Harvesting End Effector
Vision Robotics Corporation (VRC) has worked in agricultural applications since 2004. They are in the midst of developing a two-robot system that will harvest fresh tree fruit.
Faculty Advisor: David Anderson
Team Members: Michael Boutelle, Gabriel Greeley, Katherine Kavett, Scott McClure, William Yarak
Vision Robotics poster