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Characterization and Actuation of Vibratory Testing Platform​

The Arthur G. Russell Co. (AGR) is a world leader in the field of custom automatic assembly systems. One of the key technologies is the use of controlled vibration and customized tooling to orient and transport parts into the automatic assembly machines for processing, and AGR’s patented VibroBlock® feeding system currently sets the standard in high performance vibratory feeding technology. To help AGR maintain their leadership position, the AGR 2020-21 SCOPE team explored the use of alternative technologies, designs, and materials to further advance the performance of AGR’s vibratory feeders. The team developed concepts and prototypes that were implemented on a test platform. They also did simulations and conducted experiments to analyze their designs, and to further an understanding of the complicated dynamics of the system.

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Faculty Advisor

Alessandra Ferzoco


Team Members

Aiden Carley-Clopton

Qingmu Deng

Quinn Kelley

Max Odoadese 

Richard Rose

Jonathan Zerez

Richard Rose


AY21_SCOPE Archival Poster (2).pdf (576.92 KB)