Office of Financial Affairs

Welcome To The Office of Financial Affairs


The Financial Affairs team provides services to internal and external constituents in the areas of accounts payable/receivable, general accounting, payroll, budgeting and financial planning, purchasing, legal, risk management, retail operations, rental property, debt management, and endowment management.


Donna Golemme

Vice President for Finance and Administration
Phone: 781-292-2416
fax: 781-292-2420 

Jennifer Edmonds

Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller
Phone: 781-292-2714
Fax: 781-292-2420

Heather McCormick 

Senior Director of Budget and Financial Planning
Phone: 781-292-2419
Fax: 781-292-2420

Wanda Cabana

Financial Operations Administrator
Phone: 781-292-2427
Fax: 781-292-2420

Susan Goldstein

Student Accounts and Financial Operations Analyst
Phone: 781-292-2423
Fax: 781-292-2420

Brenda Kavarnos

Business Manager
Phone: 781-292-2403
Fax: 781-292-2420

Caroline Liao

Financial Operations Coordinator
Phone: 781-292-2422
Fax: 781-292-2420 

Eva McDonald

Payroll Specialist
Phone: 781-292-2428
Fax: 781-292-2420

Carol A. Reilly

Director of Financial Operations
Phone: 781-292-2418
Fax: 781-292-2420