Brandeis University / NSF 2010-2011


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The Nicastro Lab at Brandeis University is studying the 3D structure of cells and macromolecules in their nativestate. High-resolution imaging of sections of life-like, preserved cells via electron microscopy is currently difficult, if not impossible, because current sample preparation methods result in numerous cutting artifacts that distort the sample. The Olin SCOPE team developed a prototype device to manipulate specimens at cryogenic temperatures in order to reduce cutting artifacts. Crucial challenges for the team included high-precision machine design, extreme temperatures and highly localized temperature control.  This work was primarily supported through a MRSEC grant from the National Science Foundation.Reducing Cutting Artifacts During Cryo-sectioning

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Faculty Advisor
Brian Storey

Team Members
Scott Carlson
Danielle Dougherty
David Gardner
Leah Mendelson
Alex Niswander
John Rosenwinkel
Jacob West

Team photo