Santos Family Foundation / Volpe Center 2020-2021

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Ruina: Advancing Crash Data Reporting for Improved Road Safety

Crash reporting is an important process in helping design and build safer roads and communities for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and more. The current process for crash scene documentation primarily relies on police officers using a paper form to capture scene diagrams, crash reconstruction details, and operator information. Building on a 2019-2020 SCOPE project, this year’s team has produced a demonstration app running on an Android tablet suitable for crash reporting in the field. We have designed and implemented a more intuitive and flexible user interface as well as export options that lay the groundwork for future customization. Working with a range of users from law enforcement and the traffic safety data ecosystem, we elicited feedback to continue improving the experiences of in-the-field crash reporters and to support more robust downstream data for enhanced road safety.


Faculty Advisor

Lynn Andrea Stein


Team Members

Chelsea Bailey

Diego Berny

Cassandra Overney

Enmo Ren

Xierui Shen