Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health and Safety:

Mission Statement

The Environmental Health and Safety Department at Olin College is dedicated to building the Olin community into the safest and most compliant institution of its kind.  By incorporating everyone in the Olin community from faculty, staff, students and contractors, Olin College strives to develop the safest working and learning environments.  Olin College is constantly developing and adapting safety programs and complying with regulatory requirements to protect its students, employees and the environment.

This web page provides the Olin College community with access to the following safety programs and documents:

  • Chemical Hygiene Plan
    • Notice of Chemical Procurement
    • OSHA Lab Standard
  • Hazard Communication Plan
  • Scope
  • Fire Safety
  • Contractor Safety
  • UAS/Drones

Olin College believes in an interactive approach to building a safe and compliant work and educational environment.