Branding + Creative Services

Office of Strategic Communication (OSCOM):

As OSCOM, We Can:

  • Hire photographers for events, classes + head-shots

  • Help with design projects using the Olin logo + color palette

  • Share Olin news and leadership with the world by posting to social media

  • Tell your story on Olin’s News + Events

  • Pitch YOUR STORIES to the media

  • Produce videos

  • Share your news and events via oLink (our weekly internal newsletter) + oVations (our monthly external newsletter)

  • Make changes + updates to

  • Generally, help you strategize on how to get your message out there

Please, contact us we’re here to help! 

If it's a logo you need, click here to download the horizontal Olin College logo.

Click here to download the vertically stacked Olin College logo.

Anne-Marie, Alyson, Naomi, Adam, Miriam, Jocelyn 

*The Olin brand guidelines can be found here.