Branding + Creative Services

Thank you for helping us build the Olin brand! 

Below we have provided a variety of branding tools that you can use, including our complete brand guidelines, downloadable files of the Olin logo, in various formats, and other design components and instructions on how to request a photographer or promotion of your event, plus much more.

Please note: These brand guidelines are meant to inform the creation of materials that are designed for official college business only. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Strategic Communication (OSCOM) at, we’re here to help! 

Visual Brand Guidelines

Olin's visual brand guidelines provide in-depth information about how our logo, colors, and design styles are meant to interact with one another. Adhering to our brand guidelines help us maintain brand consistency throughout different mediums.

View the Olin Brand Guidelines
Brand in use

Olin Logo / Identifier

Horizontal and vertical alternate configurations of our logo are available here. If you would like to access other versions of our logo, please contact us OSCOM.

Download Logo Here
Olin Logos

Design Components

For design components like our colors, fonts, graphic symbols, and photographs please look at our branding guidelines or contact OSCOM.

Download Design Components

Creating an invitation, presentation, or other design file, but don't know where to start?

The branding guidelines, "Brand in Use" section, provides multiple examples on how to use Olin's branding elements together.

View Branding Guidelines

Additional Resources
  • Have story ideas for us to share? Reach out to us.

    Share your news and events via oLink (our weekly internal newsletter) + oVations (our monthly external newsletter), on or with the media.

  • Send us photos, videos or tag us so that we can share your stories on our social channels. 

    For Olin's posting policy around "social media holidays" and our general social media policy/guidelines, download a pdf.

    For additional assistance on spreading your stories/events on social media, submit a project form.

  • Sharing your research, an idea or project with others?

    Use the Olin Powerpoint! 

    Olin has two Powerpoint Templates, click on the title to download a template:

  • Want to Hire a photographer for an event, class or head-shot?

    Fill out our project form below.

    Do you need access to old images?

    Here is a link to a public album of Olin images. For access to additional images, submit a project form. 


  • Need assistance in editing a webpage on,or through our Open Scholar platform?

    Or want help building a new page on or a new site for your lab? Email us.

Writing in the Olin Voice 

Here are some adjectives that describe the Olin voice: Fresh, Energetic, Direct, Approachable, Clear and Concise. In order to ensure that you are writing in a style that is consist with the institutional Olin voice, we encourage you to:

  1. Be clear, informal and down-to-earth – that sounds genuinely Olin. 
  2. Avoid 50-cent words (long-advanced vocabulary words) when they aren’t needed. 
  3. Speak directly to people by answering their questions or giving the information they need without overexplaining.  
  4. Use “you” when speaking to or about the audience, and “us” or “we” when speaking about Olin.  

Lastly, when it comes to questions about grammar or gender, we encourage you to use the AP Style Guide and our Gender Language Guidelines to best represent our community.